Signup for Envision Cascadia Workgroups

The next Envision Cascadia general meeting will be Sunday, June 14th. In the meantime we are setting up workgroups to get active around the topic sessions decided in our first Envision Cascadia conference.

The first task of each group will be to figure out when / how they would like to next meet. We’ll set up a doodle poll for each group.

Even if you can’t make it at the specific time, feel free to sign up as part of a organizing group. Everyone who signs up will receive notes, meeting recaps and can work with each group sees fit.

Each group will be using the guiding question of “If 10,000 people joined the Cascadia movement, what tools, infrastructure, resources, groups do we need for a vibrant, decentralized and positive movement?

And we challenge each person to think – What is an idea or project you would be willing to take charge of or work to make that happen?